Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Fun of the PhotoWalk - 2009

Well the Scott Kelby PhotoWalk 2009 has come to a close and we are in the final stages of selecting a winner for the prizes. Stepping back from the contest a bit it is more exciting to see all of the great images that were posted this year for the Scott Kelby 2009 PhotoWalk ( Take some time to enjoy the perspective of downtown Greenville, SC from local photographers!

Thanks to all the 2009 Photo Walk Participants and hope to see you back next year and if you did not join this year; mark your calendar and join us next year around this same time.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Getting Ready for Fall Shooting

Rambling Camera Conversation..........

2009 Scott Kelby Photo Walk - This year we had a good time walking in downtown Greenville, SC and had a good twenty to thirty attendees. The pictures are rolling into the Flickr site and it is impressive what you can capture in three hours. Check out the details at

Length of Summer Days - As we prepare for the number shorter days (less sunlight) to begin increasing, we now can begin capturing evening shots (and early morning shots) and get a little more sleep. Begin preparing the ND and Polarizing Filters for the tree color and I am thinking about trying frozen waterfalls if I can make it out this winter season to capture these subjects.

Great Apps - If you are a Nikon User and use your iPhone there are a series of apps available that are the Nikon Camera Users guides on the iPhone. The unique part of these apps is that they are presented in the context of the menu's within your camera. The group also has a Live View application pending that will work with your iPhone and some Nikon Cameras on the App Store. Check more details out at

Enjoy until next time.......

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mount Rainier in July

After an overnight to Mount Rainier in Washington State, the experience left me with the desire for more visits in the future.

The park itself has many opportunities for composition. The obvious ones of mountainscape photography exist. but also waterfall, wildflower, rock sculptures, glacier/snow and much more.

The challenge with the park is determining what is your focus when you get to the park and then how you will work that subject.

I have included several of my shots of the mountain but will certainly plan another trip in the future.

Another angle is once you capture the mountain try turning your photogrpahy into Black and White. This image brings us more into a creative angle. Visit the rest of my gallery for more photo's from the park.